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Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites
Top quality HD panoramas

360° panoramic photos and integrated VR tours are produced to satisfy the most demanding customer

Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites
Integration with Google Maps

Virtual tour will tremendously enhance your online presence, boosting marketing and branding efforts

Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites
Real Estate and Hospitality sectors

Benefit the most from having a virtual tour with their Google listing. Enjoy an over 30% boost in reservations from Google!

Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites
Get visible and boost your sales

Stand out from competition! Broadcast your business on Google, Facebook and website.

Art Caviar restaurant virtual tour

Virtual Tours for Bars and Restaurants

Litererary Cafe restaurant virtual tour

360° Panoramic Tours for Hospitality Sector

real estate virtual tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours

hotel virtual tour

Virtual Tours for Hotels

virtual tours for estate agencies

Watch Google Maps Business View official video

Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites

360 VR Google Maps Tours in Numbers

Return on investment (ROI) for panoramic virtual tours estimated in less than a month.

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Fulfilled user expectations

Google estimates, that 67% of searchers want to see a virtual tour prior to reservation or booking

More views

Hotels, restaurants and real estate agencies benefit most with a 360° virtual tour property listing

More likely to book

a hotel, restaurant or venue, or use a service if the business has a virtual tour within Google Maps listing

Pricing plans and options

No hidden charges. Select the package that is suited best or get in touch to discuss other options.
Virtual Tours for Google Maps and Web Sites
Covering up to 6 viewing spots
Up to 6 interior still professional images
Creating HD quality panoramas
Google My Business account set up
Adding panoramas to Google Maps and linking to your business account
Easy integration code of virtual tour for your website or landing pages
From £299. Get started >
up to 12 panoramas package
Covering 12 viewing spots
Up to 15 interior still professional images
Creating HD quality panoramas
Google My Business account set up
Adding panoramas to Google Maps and linking to your business account
Easy integration code of virtual tour for your website or landing pages
Marketing support
From £799. Get started >
customise 360 photography package
On your terms
Get a quote
Based on "per spot" pricing
Inclusive of all Business package services
Integrate video into your virtual tour
Own the IPR and keep the originals
All website integration files and scripts
Marketing and integration support

Frequently asked questions

What is Virtual Reality?

In a digital age with technologies advancing at increased speeds, it’s extremely important to keep up-to-date with how your business can incorporate the latest innovations into their marketing strategies. Virtual Reality (VR) is currently one of the most progressive digital technology sectors and is definitely something your business or venue should employ to attract customers and boost bookings or sales.

VR made its first appearance in the gaming world to immerse players in life-like adventures. The hospitality industry quickly realised the potential selling points this technology offered.

How 360 virtual tour can help my restaurant business?

1. As a restaurant owner/manager, depending on the size and interior you can choose to virtually invite visitors in (and my job is to make the place look at its best). According to Google stats, 87% of 18-34 years old searchers prefer places that provide virtual tours and make contact or booking straight from Google Maps app.
2. Upload virtual tour to your website and use static images of your dishes or even the complete menu within the tour for your visitors to want more.
3. Google ranks sites with virtual 360 tours higher, which means that you have advantage over your competitors when someone is looking for a restaurant in the area.

But above all, you will provide your visitors with an experience they will most certainly enjoy and appreciate, and that converts to happy customers.

Can I include a video into virtual tour?

Almost anything if it’s digital. Static images, videos or web pages can be included if required.

There are two ways to include a video into the tour:
– Simple and inexpensive option is to place a trigger anywhere on the panorama and call a video window by clicking on it;
– More elaborative and heavier on the budget would be to record a video as one of the segments and include into the panorama as part of it. Both options will work with pano tours integrated into your web site. Google Maps doesn’t support this feature.

My business is not shown on Google Maps. Can you help?

Definitely. If your business is not linked to an address on Google Maps, first thing to do would be setting up your Google My Business account. If you already have a Google account (GMail, Google Drive, etc.) you can do that on your own by adding your business to the listing. You will need to wait a few days for the post card with confirmation code to activate your account.

Once the account is active, we can proceed with linking your panorama images to the account. It is offered as part of the service and if you need any help with setting up the account – just let me know.

How long would it take to make virtual tour for a hotel and would you offer a discount for large order?

That would depend entirely on the size of the hotel and how many view spots you want to cover. An average hotel virtual tour would contain street entrance, reception area, bar/restaurant, conference room and a few guest rooms. Considering that each area can have 2-3 view spots, this amounts to a pretty standard package which can be done within two weeks in total including photography on location and the technical bits.

If you want to include other areas inside or outside or have a specific project, please get in touch and I’m sure I’ll be able to work out an attractive offer.

What is the difference between automatic and manual panorama stitching?

Automatic stitching is a great time saving feature, which is included by default in many modern 360 photo and video cameras, and even smartphones. In some cases it produces decent quality panorama stitching depending on the complexity of geometry, but in many fails to accurately identify and link anchors (control points) between panorama segments. This results in poor stitching, incorrectly blending the panorama’s individual images.

When quality is a primary concern, manual stitching is by far a much better option. The downside is that it requires technical skill and can be very time consuming to fine-tune the stitching using specialist software to produce a pixel-precise and flowless panorama image.

I do not offer automatic stitching.

Can these virtual tours be viewed with VR goggles?

Absolutely! Putting your Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard or similar device on will give you a real sense of presence experience.

Trusted by Google and many satisfied clients. Learn how you can incorporate Google Business View into your search marketing strategy, improve performance and increase revenue.

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