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What is 360° Virtual Tour?

Put simply, you turn your site visitors into guests by virtually inviting them in. Whether you run a hospitality business like a hotel, restaurant or a venue, or advertising real estate properties online – arming your site with a 360 virtual tour helps to attract your target audience, significantly improve search engine ranking and drive quality traffic to your website or landing pages. 

Also, having 360 photos of your business on Google Maps gives you an edge over the competition with searchers preferring listings with 360° view images. Google estimates that the ability to explore with a 360 panoramic tour is essential prior to making a booking or reservation for over 67%! of online searchers. Listings with 360 VR tours on average are viewed 10 times more and slash bouncing rate by 40%.

360 VR Tours in Marketing Terms

ROI within 4 weeks

Return on investment for panoramic virtual tours estimated at less than a month

Website engagement

Keep visitors on your website up to 10 times longer with a virtual tour

85% more views

Hotels, restaurants and real estate agencies benefit most with a 360° virtual tour property listing

Fulfilled user expectations

Google estimates, that 67% of searchers want to see a virtual tour with a listing

130% more likely to book

a hotel, restaurant or venue, or use a service if your business has a virtual tour

Boost your ranking

Improve performance in Google Search, My Business and Maps listings

Your Virtual Tour Production

Taking images on location in HDR


Taking static photographs from various positions. A single room can have up to 8 viewing spots depending on the size and complexity.



Processing single images into HDR (High Dynamic Range) segments, stitching and creating individual panoramas for virtual tours using specialist software.

360 degrees image processing


Individual 360 panoramic images uploaded to Google Street View app, mapped to your listing and linked to each other. Complete virtual tours for your website can either be uploaded through ftp to the website hosting directory or integrated from another location.

Questions & Answers

In a digital age with technologies advancing at increased speeds, it’s extremely important to keep up-to-date with how your business can incorporate the latest innovations into their marketing strategies. Virtual Reality (VR) is currently one of the most progressive digital technology sectors and is definitely something your business or venue should employ to attract customers and boost bookings or sales.

VR made its first appearance in the gaming world to immerse players in life-like adventures. The hospitality industry quickly realised the potential selling points this technology offered.

The benefit is three-fold:
1. As a restaurant owner/manager, depending on the size and interior you can choose to virtually invite visitors in (and my job is to make the place look at its best). According to Google stats, 87% of 18-34 years old searchers prefer places that provide virtual tours and make contact or booking straight from Google Maps app.
2. Upload virtual tour to your website and use static images of your dishes or even the complete menu within the tour for your visitors to want more (and your job not to disappoint them)!
3. Google ranks sites with virtual 360 tours higher, which means that you have advantage over your competitors when someone is looking for a restaurant
in the area.

But above all, you will provide your visitors with an experience they will most certainly enjoy and appreciate, and that converts to happy customers.

Almost anything if it’s digital. Static images, videos or web pages can be included where required.

That would depend entirely on the size of the hotel and how many view spots you want to cover. An average hotel virtual tour would contain street entrance, reception area, bar/restaurant, conference room and a few guest rooms. Considering that each area can have 1 to 5 view spots, this amounts to a pretty standard package which can be done within a week in total including photography on location and the technical bits. If you want to include other areas inside or outside or have a specific project, please get in touch and I’m sure I’ll be able to work out an attractive offer.

Absolutely! Putting your Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard or similar device on will give you a real sense of presence experience. 

Having 360 view images on Google Maps really moved us up in Google organic search and the feedback from customers is fantastic!
Frank De Jong
Frank de Jong
Chief Operations Officer
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Building 360 Virtual Tours for Websites and Landing Pages


Need a virtual tour built for your website? Great!


360 virtual tour on your website allows your customers to explore your real estate property, restaurant, business, venue or an attraction virtually, with a real sense of presence. Visitors to a website with a 360 degree virtual tour are engaged with the advanced technology - the interactive content that makes them stick and build trust, and convert into customers if they like what they see (and my job is to make sure they do!).


Virtual tours are different to the 360 VR images that Google Maps are using on their platform. Compiled by a specialist software, 360 panoramas need to be uploaded to your website's hosting directory and then coded into your page or can be integrated from another location with a simple HTML snippet. And providing you have the necessary login details to your hosting and site's back end I can do that for you as part of the service.


As a 360 virtual tour provider based in Hertfordshire, I work in all London areas, around M25, Bucks, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, and more. Specialising in digital marketing and creating high quality 360 virtual tours I can definitely help you to promote your hotel, restaurant or real estate property online more effectively.


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